Le mythe du cyborg : techno-enchantement, récits héroïques et promesses de réparation technologique du corps (bibtex)
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  abstract    = {The cyborg and its technologically reconstructed body, far from being just a character from the contemporary imagination and the mass culture of science fiction, can be considered now as contemporary myth. Beyond the simple heroic figure it embodies, it also echoes a contemporary paradigm, that of the possible repair, or even enhancement of the biological body through technological substitution. But this new representation of the body has significant consequences on the technological, medical and social fields : it reorients and influences the way bodies fitted with prostheses are perceived and treated, but also conveys ideals loaded with ideological assumptions and political interests. This article proposes, by bringing to light the modalities of constitution and functioning of the cyborg myth, to deconstruct and demystify the ideological values that it now represents.},
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